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  • What is the rental cost of the barricades?
    Barricade pricing is provided on a per project basis. Pricing is impacted by project location, # of barricades needed, and anticipated duration of rental. Contact SafeRise for a customized project quote.
  • What markets does SafeRise service?
    SafeRise is currently scaling the business nationally and can service major markets in the U.S. for any sizable project. Contact SafeRise to enquire about your project and location.
  • Do SafeRise barricades meet OSHA requirements?
    SafeRise barricades significantly exceed OSHA requirements and are a vastly safer, durable, and greener solution relative to typical wood systems.
  • Can SafeRise accommodate custom sizing?
    Yes! SafeRise has the capability to manufacture custom solutions. Contact us with your requirements for a quote.
  • Are barricades available for purchase?
    Yes! Barricades are available for purchase and can be customized per your request. Minimum order quantities apply.
  • Does SafeRise offer installation services?
    SafeRise does not currently offer installation services. SafeRise rental does include Day 1 installation training for your team.
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