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Typical Barricade Issues

Current, non-engineered and site-built barricade systems increase risk exposure and liability for potential injuries, fatalities and OSHA violations

Barricades can be easily moved and are not secured, creating increased risks and the need for daily inspections

Damage and maintenance issues during construction create increased risks

GC and elevator contractor disputes over installation, maintenance and removal of barricade systems

Barricades and screening are disposed of upon completion adding to the waste of the project

Poor site aesthetics



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Access Barricade

The most widely utilized safety barricade for your typical hoistway entrances.  The access barricade provides 8' high and 6' wide coverage at the slab edge with a 49" wide, lockable door. A secondary safety gate at the shaft edge ensures workers have safe access to their tie-off line in the hoist way. 

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Loading Barricade

This double door barricade is utilized at the bottom and occasionally top entrances of the elevator hoistway.  Designed to meet the installation requirements of elevator installers. The loading barricade provides 8' high and 8'-10" wide coverage at the slab edge with a 7' wide, lockable double door for ease of material loading and construction activities. A secondary safety gate at the shaft edge ensures workers have safe access to their tie-off line in the hoist way.

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Filler Panel

The 8' tall and 2' wide filler panel is utilized when additional shaft coverage is needed. These panels are frequently utilized on freight applications and multi-car shaft wall applications where vertical support between cars is not present.

Why SafeRise?

Overall improved safety for workers and reduced liability risk

Access to a lifeline in the hoistway while never being in a fall hazard situation due to the secondary internal gate

Restricts unauthorized work above installers in hoistway

Greatly reduces the possibility of falling debris into the hoistway

Fixed in place – no moving of the barricade or damaged netting.  Fewer daily inspections and more peace of mind


Faster installation vs. existing wood solution

A standardized solution results in reduced contention between the GC and elevator installers

Green solution – no wood or netting waste

Allows daylight into the hoistway

Improved site aesthetics


Features Comparison





Fixed in Place

Green Solution - No Waste & Reusable

Improved Site Aesthetics

Secondary Fall Protection

Standardized Designs & Dimensions

Meets Minimum OSHA Requirements

When you demand more than the minimum, there is NO COMPARISON.


SafeRise, LLC was founded by Darrin Porch with the express intent of improving the level of safety for workers in and around elevator hoistways. 

Throughout Darrin’s 20 years of construction and elevator industry experience, it was clear that existing hoistway barricade methods presented consistent issues on elevator installations throughout the country.  The SafeRise product was released to transform hoistway barricading by dramatically increasing the safety of workers and eliminating other numerous pain points.

Darrin is a graduate of Creighton University with a degree in Marketing and an executive education certificate from the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Business.

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Darrin Porch

Founder & CEO


SafeRise, LLC was founded to become the national supplier of choice for rentable hoistway protection by bringing to market North America's first safety barricade system designed to meet the specific needs of elevator installers and general contractors.  SafeRise's priority is to substantially increase the safety of workers in and around elevator hoistways during construction while also addressing contract dispute, on-site waste, and aesthetic issues prevalent on construction projects throughout the country.


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